Tawny Owl Diary - Peek-a-boo!

As the rain lashed down and the wind picked up, it looked to be a very stormy night and perfect owling conditions. I decided to head out at around 8pm to hopefully find Tawny Owls and I had a good feeling I would. Within 2 minutes I found myself looking through my viewfinder at the first owl of the night, it was the gorgeous rufous-looking owl that nests in the woodland behind my house… After I took a few images I moved on and drove my usual route around the country lanes. I headed in the direction to where I have had success with an owl many times before, so many times before in fact the owl is now known as Mylo…  As I drove no quicker than 20mph down the favourable road for Mylo, scanning every tree I passed, I had no luck. I came across a runner on the same lane and assumed that they would likely scare any owl off. I kept driving in hope and as I neared the end of the lane something caught my eye… I quickly reversed and there was Mylo, tucked up hiding behind a tree trunk. My eyes often play cruel tricks on me when looking for owls but I am thankful I second guessed myself on this occasion! I could just about see Mylo’s head popping around the tree, it was by far the one the most difficult places I have found Tawny Owls - luckily I was alert! As I hung out of my window in awe at Mylo, the runner I had driven past further up the lane had soon caught up to me and was just about to pass us, ‘great!’ I thought, knowing that the runner would spook Mylo. However to my surprise he tilted his head more around the tree to check them out and was not bothered in the slightest. At this point I was shocked but continued to photograph and wound up with one of my best Tawny Owl images. It always amazes me how individual owls react differently in situations. Every time I have encounter Mylo he has always been relaxed and easy to photograph. That same year he went on to raise two chicks which successfully fledged and made it into adulthood and I can’t wait to share those images in another Tawny Owl Diary!